About The Artist

At the age of 3, Christopher Miller began molding
squirrels and other small animals out of clay.

At 6 years of age, the librarian at the Yorba Linda Library gave him his first showing. He proudly displayed his clay creatures for all to see. When he was 10, wood became the medium with which he became fascinated and he carved musical instruments such as violins and viola de gambas. Just a couple years later, he noticed his father's talent for painting, and put a brush to canvas to paint still life and landscapes. Before entering high school, he enrolled in the summer school art class and having an inspirational instructor, continued with these courses throughout his freshman and sophomore years. When a new art teacher arrived; Chris was not happy with her style, so he moved his interests to Drama and Dance.

He entered College as an Art and Drama major but by his second year felt driven to "do his own thing." He first attended a Renaissance Faire in 1969 and was inspired by the artists allowed to design and create in an outdoor environment. The following year he had his own booth at this Faire showing his miniature hand-carved wood instruments and molded clay animals.

By 1973 he saw how popular jewelry was and began carving ivory into moons and stars. Although now he uses bone and horn for his designs, these items have only grown in popularity over the last 30 years. In 1983, he began transferring his designs to mirror frames and ornaments. Mermaids and dolphins, roses and sunflowers, fairies and angels, deco and nouveau themes grace these intricately sculpted items of cast stone.

He then expanded his "repertoire" to include hand-pressed paper Art Cards in 1994. One-of-a-kind sculptures are also a part of in his collection of finely crafted items. In 2012 he began creating "Carpet Bags." The bags are made from lovely fabrics and are entirely hand stitched with a generous interior, inside pockets, genuine leather and turned wood handles. Attention to detail is ever present in all his works of art.

All of Christopher's designs are unique and original, and the popularity of each of these items grows each year.